Constructing Your Resume

Writing a resume can be a pretty stressful task. Here’s some tips on what you should include in your resume that will hopefully make writing one a little bit easier!


This is the opening statement on a resume where you state what you are looking for, your skills, and goals for the future. Keep it short and relative to the position you are applying for.

“I am seeking entry level employment in a Customer Service role that will enable me to use my premium customer service skills while gaining valuable work experience with the aim to open up long term career opportunities.”


Education and Qualifications:
It is important to list your full history of education as this reflects your knowledge in certain areas. Listing relevant courses that have a direct relationship to the job you are applying for i.e. a business course for a business job, or RSA for a bartender job.


For someone with no work experience this is probably the most part of your resume where you can list relevant skills you may have that make you capable of doing the job.

For example if you are always on time then you are PUNCTUAL. This skill is looked favourably upon employers as it shows that you’re a reliable person.

Another example is TEAM PLAYER have you participated in any school sports teams or debating teams? If so then play up the fact that you’re a team player and that you work well with others. Employers like this quality in their employees as working as a team is an integral part of the workforce.


Work Experience:
If you have prior work experience then in this section you should do the following
– date started and finished
– company name
– your position
– responsibilities you had

For example
2014-2015 – Crust Pizza – Delivery Driver


– Customer service
– Delivery driving
– Cash handling
– Allocating driver orders
– Food preparation


Volunteer Work:
Don’t make the mistake of thinking just because you did work but didn’t get paid for it that it shouldn’t go on your resume. Be sure to list any volunteer work you have done, whether it was for your school, your community, a charitable organisation or even working with your parents. Experience is experience whether its paid or unpaid. Volunteering shows employers that you’re motivated, you take initiative, and are capable of working on your own.


This consists of your awards and achievements to date. If you have won certain sports awards be sure to list, the same goes with academic awards and also courses and any degrees or diplomas completed. This is a section to really take pride in what you have done thus far in your life and what an employer can look at to define what type of person you are and the interests you have.


You should have at least a couple people on here who can provide positive information and feedback to the employer who is looking to hire you. There are several different people you can use as a reference:
– previous employer
– former co-workers
– teachers
– professors
– sports coaches