Work is Education


From the day we are born we learn. Our whole lives we are learning and the workplace is no different. Whatever your role may be in the working world, one thing is common: nothing is pre-understood or 100% self-taught.

Many skills are gained while at school and at university, but I think the real skills I learnt were from working. Work is education in itself. This is also the time when we learn about ourselves, about what we want to do and how passionate we are about the activities that are going to earn us a living.

At the same time, it is incredibly important for people to be able to look and find jobs that they can work and learn in without being disheartened with the big deterrent of not having prior experience.

As I pointed out, we are constantly learning. Throughout my life, with the different work opportunities I’ve had, I’ve learnt how to serve customers, operate a till, use an eftpos machine as well as drive a forklift. These tools are vital to me as I’m sure they are to many employers. My point is that I never started any job knowing how to perform most tasks. I was taught; I picked it up.

Even in the case of people graduating from higher institutions such as TAFE and University, you may have a solid foundation for the way things work but you can never really enter the workforce and perform tasks at the drop of a hat, right? This applies to all occupations, from businessperson to tradesperson. You become reputable based on your ability to complete tasks, which you can only get better at by physically doing them!

What I want to seriously achieve with job2fit is to drive this ethos that we all need a starting point and that we all have the ability to learn new roles. So I want to promote the right jobs to all people interested in learning and creating opportunities for themselves. I am confident this will also be embraced by employers.

This thing about find the right opportunity is key, to me at least: I believe too many people put themselves to study or begin certain careers without any real desire for them. My thinking is:  find something you are passionate about and learn. We are all unique and enjoy different things.