Job seeker apps – Helpful or unhelpful?



With the release of a new job search application by developers in Sweden, Selfiejobs, which has its applicants upload their best selfie with the addition of a very brief video and no cv, it is evident to see just how much people want to simplify recruitment.


I guess I am not surprised that companies are constantly trying to revolutionise the job market. It seems that however simple Selfiejobs are trying to make the job hunt for people, sometimes it should not be that simple.


Don’t get me wrong; job2fit wants to simplify things to cater to all people and we are all for innovating and rethinking the matching of jobs and talent; in this particular case though, it would appear that maybe having the ability to take a really good selfie doesn’t credit you as being an amazing employee.


With such a great emphasis on appearance and the ability to briefly describe yourself in a short video, what is the need to send through or upload a CV? It’s just an added, unnecessary formality right?


This is something I don’t quite agree with yet. You may be good looking and a great speaker/presenter but how can an employer understand the full scale of your skills in the workplace without the chance of showing them, or without listing references.


Whether it is a CV document, online profile or work portfolio, I still think more is better. It is important for job seekers to have the ability to list their education or their skills or their previous work experience and promote themselves proudly.


Tinder and other non-dating apps might be very popular because of their immediacy. I imagine that at some point in time we will all be accomplished selfie takers. What I am wondering though if this aptitude is central to the evaluation of a job candidate. At this stage the answer to that question is NO, for me at least.


Who knows maybe at my 23 years I am already starting to sound a bit too conservative. I’m sure this and other applications will have elements of success in their interaction and usability and will be very popular. I just don’t see yet as providing the right interaction between an employers and company and job candidates. What do you think?