Studying and working at the same time; challenges and opportunities


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 Shutterstock ID 130606217; PO: The Huffington Post; Job: The Huffington Post; Client: The Huffington Post; Other: The Huffington Post


Balancing work and study, not to mention other activities and commitments, can be extremely difficult. How many times have you procrastinated on revising a lecture or classwork for the day because you have to be at your shift?

Or not started an assignment until the few nights before its due date? In my case it is usually the night before. Believe me even writing this blog involved a lot of procrastination.


My reason for exploring this issue is because it is a very common theme amongst young people. Many of us can relate to this challenge of study and work balance, but the question is, should it be seen as a challenge? Or should we see it as more of an opportunity?


As much as I myself see this topic as a challenge and as much as I like to deny it, it really should be viewed as an opportunity. It is a chance to grow and learn how to balance important things in your life and most importantly it teaches you organisation. Currently I am balancing up working on the job2fit, University studies and sports commitments. These three things are all vital aspects of my life and even though I enjoy some more than others, they all require sufficient time and energy.


The biggest issue I face and I am sure many of you would agree on this, is that I will often plan things mentally but never write them down or note these plans anywhere. This is a big mistake as I am often forgetting essential times and dates because I have no reminders on my phone or no calendar to look at in order to remind me. This could be the difference between running late for your shift or being on time, or starting an assignment well before its due over starting it well before its due date and with a plan. Remove some of the unnecessary stress in your life!


We live in an age of technology. It took my coach to point out to me that my IPhone contains in built reminders and app calendars.

What I am trying to say is that if you are struggling with balancing work time and study time it may be a really good idea to start building a schedule for yourself. You may still procrastinate as I do, but the difference may be that you know how much time you have to procrastinate before attempting to crack down to business.


Even by entering these essential times and dates and allocating time for study and noting down times of shifts etc. You will find you have a better sense of time organisation and the ability to start dictating sufficient study time. Psychologically knowing you are supposed to be studying at a certain time rather than watching tv can make a difference. It may take some mentally tough moments of pressing that power button on your remote but believe me it can be done!