What You Can Offer When You Are Not Experienced


Lets put it in perspective, what does it really mean to have experience in the workforce?


As you may have seen our site is open to everyone who wants to apply for any position listed. We want everyone, from the inexperienced to those who have a ton of experience in other professional roles, to know job2fit can help you.


Just because you may not have sufficient experience for the role you apply for, does in no way mean you are not suitable. That is what we believe anyway. There is plenty you have to offer your employer: initiative and motivation are two of the greatest assets you can bring to your work. Lets explore these traits and see why they are important.


Initiative at work means you have the desire and drive to complete tasks delegated to you in a competent manner as well as being able to know what is required of you without constantly having to ask. It is a key trait to have in any job.

Many employers, when choosing candidates for a position, often try to gain an understanding of one’s initiatives by asking leading questions. It is important that you as a potential candidate have good answers when asked these questions but it is even more vital to display this initiative when you first begin your job.


A solid display of a self-driven attitude will quickly catch your employer’s eye and more importantly will make you feel good about what you are doing. When I first began a role in a sports store I was eager to learn the ways of the business and how I could be a good salesperson. This positive attitude held me in high regard with my employer who soon promoted me to a managerial position, where most of the time I was looking after the shop on my own. I knew little when I started about customer service, eftpos machines, cash registers etc. but with an applied desire to learn I bettered myself. This goes to show we are capable and that experience in the workforce is a mere obstacle the recruiting industry must overcome.


Along with good initiative comes motivation. Motivation in the workplace is what made many people in high positions of any company who they are today. As are most things in life we generally start at the bottom and begin to work our way up. This is no different at work as we are all looking for that promotion or holiday bonus to reward our hard work.


At times it is often difficult to stay motivated, as even I could tell you. Making this site with Jared was a constant roller coaster ride with many periods of failure but also indications of success. It really comes down to how committed you are to your position and if you are willing to learn and be a hive of energy. We had no experience in building or designing a website but we were willing to learn how.


Being able to stay motivated in your position is what will make you successful in any job, from retail workers to labourers to bartenders, we all have this common desire to be good at what we do and that is something which you should always be proud of. A positive frame of mind will always help as will the satisfaction of completing your tasks. This is what makes a good candidate. It is not always nor should it be based on one’s experience in the role but one’s performance in the role, backed by your initiative and motivation.