Advertising as an employer on job2fit

Employer PIC

As we look to get traction in our market, it is fair to say that here at job2fit we are super excited! We have received awesome interest from organisations interested in the talent groups that we most care about. You will shortly see our first campaigns on the site.


We don’t want to be overconfident but we strongly believe that if we dedicated our initial efforts to nurture a candidate community, we would receive interest from employment organisations, agencies and hiring companies. That is exactly the kind of ‘informed connection’ that we want to make.


Yes, we’ve seen the stats; unemployment looks worse when you look at people that are just starting their careers What we are also noticing is that employers are always looking for fresh talent with which they can develop and energise their businesses and ethos.


To that we obviously say: What better place to look for great candidates than a web site that only lists job opportunities that do not require experience? Well, here we are building a relationship with our people that might get overlooked or rejected outright for the wrong reasons.


In the hundreds of registered users and more broadly our website audiences, employers will be able to connect with young individuals searching for their first job that can lead them to bigger and better roles; people seeking a career change who may be looking to roles they are more passionate about; overseas visitors and students on working visas that are keen to work and find easily accessible roles as well as a strong focus on assisting the long term unemployed.


So – in a nutshell – if you need staff, strongly consider our ever-growing candidate base and how they cannot only help you but how you can help them. Be sure to contact us in relation to advertising with job2fit and let us help you find your next great employee/s.