Opportunities for first time job-seekers

Diverse group of students using computers.


What do we at job2fit aim to do to help young first time seekers?


Since the launch of the website and our social media pages we have seen a clear interest in job2fit from younger people. It has given us a greater insight and understanding into who the larger chunk of our candidates would be.


Realising this we have started to target companies, as well as job adverts from CareerOne, that would greater cater to young people looking for their first job. Essentially we are trying to establish positive relationships with these bigger companies who also take pride in employing young Australians.


First time jobs are important for a number of reasons. Not only does a job provide you with your first source of income, but it can also be a real launching platform and opportunity to learn.


For example, having a job demands responsibility, responsibility such as arriving to work on time. This is a great time to practice being punctual as many of us are not. I myself was and still am not the most punctual individual, however if you can be it will show a lot to your employer.


Other responsibilities include performing allocated tasks competently, after all this is what you were hired to do right?

Showing a positive attitude to your work will also be greatly beneficial for you and does not go unnoticed.


These are just a few things that are great reasons to join the workforce as early as you can. But lets be realistic, when you are young having a source of personal income without your parents is an extremely liberating feeling. It can also really put you on top of your social circle when you’re the one lending money at McDonalds, just kidding.


For all these reasons and many more we want to be a central hub for first time job seekers. We want to help provide stepping-stones and really show how valuable young people are in the workforce. It is our youth that begin their careers without experience and really prove that having experience can just be an easy way for employers to not have to teach and educate people in roles, which is something we want to help reshape.


So again, thank you to not only young Australian job seekers signing up to job2fit but to all job seekers using and supporting our website.