Solution to not finding paid work due to lack of prior experience.

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Nobody is hiring you? All you hear is that you’re too young or too inexperienced for the role?

For the most part, this may be true, however you have to ask yourself some of these employers never had experience in their fields and now they fail to acknowledge your inexperience.


As much as many of us don’t agree with this, it has become reality. A lot of us have been knocked back from roles due to our inexperience in them. At job2fit we believe this shouldn’t be the case.


What can you do about this?


Ensure your resume and cover letter are in good shape before you start sending them off to employers. The last thing you want to have is a spelling mistake in either or they will be canned straight away.


Be proactive in your search, check back regularly to see if anything has become available. We all know it can be real hard to find work so if you don’t find something immediately there should be no reason for panic.


Check out our new Volunteer section on the website. This section details why it is a good idea to maybe take up some unpaid work for an Australian charity. It can be really beneficial to you in the long run, providing content for your resume as well as valued EXPERIENCE in the work force and not to mention it is for a great cause.


We have provided a list of charities so you can briefly see what they are about and if you are interested you can click on the charities logo and be redirected to their volunteer openings.


Finally, as mentioned take a look at our Courses section. Here you will find a list of short courses that will most certainly help make the process easier. They do cost money but can be a great way to get ahead of competition.