Career Pathway Decisions



Knowing what field you want to work in, as a young person can either be an easy decision or a very tough decision. Many people leave high school and have very little idea about what career it is they want to pursue. I myself was one of these people and I found the majority of my school year was still unsure as to what they were going to do. I don’t think there is any issue with being unsure, however it is always better to be proactive in narrowing it down rather than lazy and not motivated.


To give you an idea, I completed my ATAR in New South Wales and had a decent enough mark to enroll into university. I began my first semester in 2010 and didn’t last long. I failed to listen to what I really wanted to do and that was to take a gap year. I un-enrolled and began my degree the following year. It all depends what is it YOU want to do. I also had friends complete their High School Certificates and begin their apprenticeships and trade courses as well as some who went straight into the work force.


With this in mind we have sat down and created our ‘job2fit tips’ section on the website, which has advice on writing your cover letter and resume as well as a career interest quiz you can take to assist you in deciding what jobs you may be interested in. Finally there is also a page that allows you to see what government benefits you may be eligible for. This can be helpful to many people who may be struggling financially once finishing their studies.


You may also be interested in our ‘Courses’ menu, which lists several courses and information about each of them. These may provide you with more to add to your resume and could assist you in finding a job. We suggest many of these courses to people who are interested in working in cafes, bars and restaurants, warehouses, construction and in security.


There is never a need to rush and make a decision on what field you are going to work in. One thing to remember is that there are many options. If school isn’t of interest to you, a trade certificate may be a viable option at the conclusion of your year 10 studies. If you want to study a degree but want to work there are flexible jobs for you. The best thing to do is start the ball rolling in one area of interest. This may not be where you end up working but it is a start and will be you aspects of experience nonetheless.