Presentation at work and when applying for jobs




No matter what it is that you do in life it is always important to present yourself in a positive way. Presentation is key in many organisations as it often gives a great initial impression on people. This is evident through people who work at major food chain’s, all wear correct and appropriate uniform, large companies where employees are dressed in suitable business attire, as well as professional sporting organisations who always ensure their players are dressed alike. This reflects the strong ethos of being apart of a team environment.


Not only is it important to look like apart of the team or company you are working with but it also identifies to employers that you take pride in appearance. This is a key fundamental aspect for you as a job seeker, both while you are applying for a job and when you are a hired employee. Nothing provides a greater first impression at a job interview than your presentation and appearance.


Now, presentation is not only what you wear but it is also how you come across in the way you speak and things you may say, though to a lesser extent. It is a good thing to speak clearly and confidently when at an interview or speaking to an employer. Have confidence in yourself; this is one of the hardest things as a young person. I can remember my first job interview at Rebel Sport and the first question the manager asked me I went red as a tomato and continued to be for the whole interview. However, embarrassed I was, for no apparent reason I still was able to answer the questions…pretty well and land the job, to my surprise!


Finally, as mentioned in a previous post it is also important to present your social media pages without any bad content. This also applies to your profile and profile name on job2fit. As more and more employers begin to post and join job2fit it is important to have your full name correctly written and a suitable photo of yourself uploaded for employers to view. This could itself provide a great initial impression on the employer.


So, think about what you can do to improve your presentation to employers and it will assist you in your job hunt and for future promotions. I have managed to overcome many of my nerves but it is a learning process and it is always good to have a sound base of information to know how to present yourself. This is something we want to really assist our young, first-time job seekers with.